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Internationalization for SME

JPSC Strategy Consulting is an internationalization consulting firm that works alongside small and midsize companies to support their process of entry or development in foreign markets.

We know how to create value for companies that want to grow on global markets: our business internationalization consultants identify the best business opportunities abroad, design the suitable strategic path to catch such opportunities and support companies in the implementation of their internationalization plan.

JPSC is your partner for internationalization of SME, specialized in the export sector for capital goods, offering startegic and practical solutions for our clients, in order to reach their expansion in the international area. We are specialized in the international Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Defence industry.

We help our clients to go beyond borders and seek new markets and growth drivers.

In the consulting approach of JPSC, clients are at the center of the internationalization process, with their specific characteristics and their objectives, so that we can help them to successfully complete their process of growth abroad.


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Mail: info@jpsc.global

Quote of the Day

The key to success for everything in business, science, and technology is never to follow the others.

– Masaru Ibuka, Sony founder


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